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In line with #WorldCreativityandInnovationWeek, we are featuring one of #GirlGang members, Rane. When we first met Rane, we immediately thought of her as a blonde and petite version of Stranger Things cast, Millie Bobby Brown. 

and to our greater surprise, she is as clever and even awkwardly sugary sweet as Millie! We haven't   asked her to rap "Superbass" for us but-   we asked her to take us to quick tour at her  sketchbooks. Rane is a 15-year old, artist, illustrator & cosplayer based in Dubai.

Rane: #GirlGang is like a family. We are a united group of girls fighting to stop girl on girl hate. It gives me the motivation to stop all the hate girls exchange around me, knowing I'm not the only one trying to stop it.

Rane: My cousin Baxter was a big inspiration for my art. Not only that, but everyone around me helping me progress with it. 

Rane: I illustrate many characters, but my favourite would have to be "Inxo"! But, I don't have a recent drawing of him, so I will upload my second favourite, August!

His story is still a work in progress, so my main focus is on him right now. I was actually thinking about putting him into a game! It's not a very pleasant story since I knew I needed to mix up my characters a bit. He was the result of a character prompt for a character that has killed someone/multiple people. Since I'm not used to these types of characters, I decided to make him! His character and personality are very complex but mostly balanced right now. As a summary of the "Killing" side of things, I guess it's more of just:

Police: Did you kill this man?

August, holding the weapon right next to the body: Oh. Nope. I did not kill this guy I was checking to see if he was still alive, yep. That's exactly what I was doing. That is my alibi sir. 

He's very smart but he doesn't use his knowledge too much in most cases. When it gets serious he will think very logistically for his own mindset. As for what's actually going on mentally, I'm still looking at the psychological side of things.

I enjoy psychology, so I'm studying more into schizophrenia to fit his character. He tends to be quiet and introverted, generally staying away from his family. He studies different things for fun, and he has a strong interest in jellyfish. He's very fast when it comes to running but he doesn't have too good of endurance. He's good at swinging items, but not at picking up heavy items. 

His character is still a work in progress, and I'm hoping to make the plot a little less dark to match my tastes. I have a few people working on it with me, so I'm hoping to finish everything in 2–3 years.



This is Perlis Tangumilis. He's a Curaelian Seraphym. Now, I know what you're thinking:

"What the heck are all of these words."




Seraphym are like those of mythology with more of a twist. I've been working on them for 3 years, down to the sciences of them. I'm going to get to explaining Perlis though: 

Perlis is very independent when it comes to getting things done. He's one of the Mage class and his wingspan is the 7th largest in Curaelum (The picture shown above is the smallest size they can shrink). He is 146,204 years old. Seraphym live 10,000 times longer than humans, so his age would be about 14–15 years old for humans.

He enjoys tinkering with things and keeping his ideas to himself. He can be very stubborn but also compassionate towards those he loves. He will fight for what he believes is right no matter the cost. He's shorter than average but his mage skills make up for his height. 

I guess this could do as for my showcasing character!

Rane: You are your own person, and you should never forget that! Why change for others when you can make people want to be like you! Be an inspiration to yourself and for others. You can only reach your fullest potential if you are doing it your own way.

As for art, don't compare yourself with others negatively. Fix what needs to be fixed, and practice! Make your own art style, too! Make your art your own, and make people know it's yours when they see it! Work at your own pace and inspire others.




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