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#GirlGang Naya: On Insecurities and the Perception of Beauty

#GirlGang member @nayakarimm, a 15 year old Dubai based dancer speaks up about her Girl-on-Girl Hate story and what made her think differently about her insecurities and the way other people perceive "beauty".

When I was younger I used to not care how I looked like.

I used to have a lot of hair and it was all curly. I used to walk into class everyday feeling so confident about my hair because my mom used to tell me that i was beautiful and i believed her. We were lining up to go to lunch and a boy behind me screamed, "get your big ugly hair out of my face".

I was so hurt. I didn't eat lunch. I blamed my mom and i blamed myself. Everyday from that day I would get bullied by the same boy and everyone would laugh. From 5th grade onwards, I would either bun, braid or straighten my hair so it doesn't look as big.

After a while, I realised that i shouldn't care about other people and what they think. Even though i was hurt, I should just forget about it and move on. 

Naya Karimm ♥

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