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#GirlGang : Sam | "You only want attention, you are pitiful"

Girl on girl hate is a very big problem now a days.

I have experienced girl on girl hate first hand. I have been cyber bullied and bullied in school but this does not stop me from being the best I can be.

I have thought I was strong and independent girl and thought I could do anything I can dream. I have experienced this in real life. Last year I was a new kid at my school and going to a new school is hard. I had so many rumours going around about me I didn’t even know what was true and not. I was told so many things about me and asked so many questions that were not true. I have always thought of myself that I could handle anything that came my way but these rumours struck me. I was very disappointed that everyone was talking about me and was not very happy. I was trying to prove everyone wrong and I shouldn’t have. This was all because of who I hung out with.

They said I wanted attention, that I was so pitiful and sad.

It took me some time but I made friends and I figured out I don’t need to care what they think of me because negative people shouldn’t be important in your life. I will always thank those few friends for being there when I needed them. And now is my second year at my school and it has been a wonderful experience. I have made more friends and have overcome the fact that not everyone is gonna like you and I’m fine with that because I have everything I need in life right now.

It doesn’t matter how you dress or how you act and even who you hang out with because you should always be the best you you can be then once you get there strive for more. We are all special in our own way and we show in in different manners.

This is because girls are independent and strong. We need to join together and fight against the hate rather than being the one hating. Hate is a big problem in this world and we can eliminate the hate, then life would be so much easier. For now however don’t listen to the hate think of positive things and your life will go by so much nicer and easier.




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