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It's 2018: Stop Hatin' Start Reppin'

It's the New Year, it's also the New You. This year, Ria Maria will strive to support and empower girls in Dubai through social media and community projects. Before everything falls into place, we have initially invited the new gen of Ria Maria this December for a group discussion where we tackled their personal interests, struggles and ambitions. 

The Ria Maria #GirlGang will be a collective of young, fun, active girls who love to create. Each month, each member of the group will volunteer or be assigned a role for every campaign whether it be this month's featured models, campaign director, blogger, vlogger, photographer, etc. Everyone will get a chance to showcase their talents, their voices be heard or learn from other members. 

Girl on Girl Hate is such a huge issue in schools, at the workplace or even online. Every time you say something about “that girl”, tear down a woman for wearing too much makeup or doing her hair before the gym; you are contributing to a world filled with GIRL-ON-GIRL hate. Let us be more mindful this 2018 to ourselves and those around us.

To start off with an empowering 2018, the Ria Maria #GirlGang will be  sharing monthly challenges, campaign ideas and meetings and you can share your own ideas and stories that will be featured here. 

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