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Light It Up | a concept shoot by Tamara Ghoul and Hoda Delawar

L I G H T I T U P 💫  is a concept shoot by our #GirlGang members Tamara Ghoul and Hoda Delawar with the rest of the girlgang members, Samaya, Samantha, Sabrina and Lana. 

"For this shoot, I wanted to experiment with bright lighting and different colours, showing how they can accentuate a look in a sophisticated and cool way.🌟💋" says Tamara Ghoul, or @mybeyonddxb on Instagram.   


"My name is Hoda and I’m 18 years old, just finished high school and heading out to uni soon. My favorite thing in the whole world hands down, is art. Art in every form in fact. I have deep connections with music (so if we have the same taste in them then we’re pretty much already best friends). I love to dance in all styles but my favorites are contemporary, jazz and hip hop. And finally, I enjoy working on my photography and videography. 



What do those things have in common? They’re all expressive. They make people feel things inside them, and they feel those things because of you. It all depends on how you choose to output it. I started photography because I love giving photos a twist, a little story behind it.  

So when people look at it, they see it as more than just a photo, but as something that has impacted them in any way. And whether it’s good or bad, it doesn’t matter because it’s still something. 

"I especially love taking videos and making personal documentaries/travel videos because in my opinion, it’s the best way to make any memory timeless and come to life. So this is why I started @mybasicphotodiary. To highlight normal things and show the world how beautiful things are through my lens, hoping to make an impact." - Hoda 






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