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Here's How!


The Girl Gang Collective is the official blog of Ria Maria created for the current and next generation of teenage girls in Dubai.

With monthly themes and new posts every month, we give you channels of creativity and self-expression. 

We also offer unique as well as honest perspectives on social issues, trends, and anything within the realm of pop culture that
greatly influence and shape the youth of today. 


is a collective of young, fun, active girls who love to create. 

Each month, each member of the group will volunteer or be assigned a role for every campaign whether it be this month's featured models, campaign director, writer, vlogger, /blogger, photographer, etc. Everyone will get a chance to showcase their talents, their voices be heard or learn from other members.

How to apply... 

The Girl Gang is open to all creative and intellectual minds looking to have a platform to be heard. We look to hire and nurture (and go to happy hour with) the most creative, talented, and motivated members we can find! 

Just simply drop us an email at  with the following requirements: 

    • A brief description of yourself (let us get to know the 'fun' you!) 
    • lifestyle photos (candid, studio  or off Instagram) 
    • State whether you're applying as a model, photographer, writer, blogger/vlogger, illustrator 
    • If you're applying as a photographer, writer, blogger/vlogger, illustrator, please attach your portfolio.





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